UNI Global Union brings together a number of trade union MNC networks. The courses in this category assist these networks to share their learnings with each other so that they can develop effective strategies to counter oppressive and exploitative practices in and make MNCs more accountable.

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In this short course we want to engage with shop stewards on the matter of Grievances Handling, and to improve skills in this are.


This course is for shop stewards of trade unions that organise in MassMart as part of the UNI Global Union MassMart Shop Steward Alliance in Africa. It assists shop stewards to identify the challenges in the different countries where the company operates and develop a shared vision for dialogue with the company management. It also introduces Global Framework Agreements as a means to entrench workers' rights in the company. Finally the course will assist the alliance to conceptualise an education programme that can build solidarity across the national borders by involve shop stewards in interactive and participatory courses.

This course is for the Pick n Pay Shop Steward Alliance meeting in August 2018. The course will focus on the need to develop a vision for the alliance based on the interests of workers. It will use participatory learning methods  and draw on the experience of participants while providing them with resources that can help them reflect on their experience. In this manner the participants will be in a better position to develop their own education programme for the alliance based on raising awareness of around a shared vision and purpose.

This course  enables delegates of the UNI Shoprite Alliance to develop an education program for the alliance based on their experience, perceived needs and analysis of the challenges facing workers in the company across Africa.