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This course is for educators using OLA, the Online Labour Academy to gain insight on the platform's functions, settings and tools.  We hope that this course will assist you to be the best online educator you can be.  Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us should you need additional instructions and support on using OLA.

This orientation course will assist you in developing an “advanced” understanding of IFWEA as an organisation and enhance your ability to respond effectively and directly to queries and problems which may arise. It will also make you feel knowledgeable about the organisation  and prepared for the General Conference which lies ahead.

In this short course you will be introduced to the basics of participating in an online course using OLA, the Online Labour Academy.  You can work through this guide by topic if you need to know about a specific navigation on how to use OLA or you can brief through the course to ensure that your OLA path is clear of hesitations.  

This is a brief introduction guide on how to to use OLA, the online labour academy as a guest.