This course explores the complexity of developing solidarity within a trade union network. While union networks are different from each other, they all ultimately strive to build solidarity between workers and unions across national borders. Ultimately the network is evaluated by its ability to build global solidarity.  The first section of the course focuses on establishing a share vision for the network, that is, what is the change that we want to see and poses the question: if we do not have a shared vision can there be solidarity? The second part of the course focuses on a shared programme for the network,  that is, the network has established a programme through the contribution of all involved based on their interests. The third section explores what needs to be learnt to carry out the programme, that is, how do we ensure that we have the knowledge and the skills to carry out the programme and ultimately attain our vision. The aim of the course is, therefore, to strengthen trade union networks and to provide them with the tools to build global solidarity.